The Easiest Way to Buy and Sell Plants

Junglefy your home with TUKI - the app that helps you discover plants near you.

“I’ve got some space and its ready for plants”🪴

If you can’t walk past a plant without naming it and deciding where it’s going to go in your living room, we get that too. That’s why we created TUKI, the easiest way to buy and sell plants.

Get ready for the launch! 🚀

We’re new. We want to make plant friends. So leave your email address to find out when we launch and to get an invite to our Jungle Launch Party. We can promise free food, free drinks, and (don’t tell anyone)...but maybe some free plants.

Junglefy your room in
3 easy steps 🐒

1 - Download the app
2 - Buy plants
3 - Live in a jungle

Cared for plants, not warehouse plants

Plants don’t travel well.
They’re not meant to be kept in warehouses.
Or chucked in the back of vans.
With TUKI, you arrange a convenient place near you to pick up your plants. Or see if the buyer can deliver.

Don’t get plantfished*

Get the plant you actually see in the photo without the glossy filters and photoshop edits.

*Plantfish = Catfished for plants - when you see a type of plant on the internet, but when it arrives at your door it does not match the description.

Buy your plant, pick it up

No couriers.
No waiting for delivery updates.
Pick up your plant at a time that suits you.
(or maybe the seller will drop it round for you?)

Get the happiest plants at better prices

Buying new plants is EXPENSIVE!
Especially when that succulent comes with that oversized granite pot that it really could do without.
With Tuki, you’re buying the happiest plants at amazing prices.

Connect with local plant lovers

Plant people understand each other.
We share a mutual obsession.

And now for something completely techy…

It is an app after all, so it’s only fair to share some of the great features our devs have been building for you:

Save time

Easy to find plants using simple filters, tags and search

No need for cash

All transactions managed through the app, so completely safe

Chat before you buy

Full messaging between buyers and sellers

For everyone

Available in iOS or Android

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Thank you!

We'll be in touch with updates on our launch :)

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